Christy Harrell


I’m Pleased to Meet You!

My name is Christy Harrell and I am the owner and baker of The Beach Bakery. Growing up in the small town of Snow Hill, North Carolina, I never would have imagined my life taking me where it has. My love of cake and all things sweet developed at a young age. My childhood babysitter, Miss Irene, baked cakes out of her home. While she would bake and decorate them, I would sit diligently at the counter watching and of course waiting for extra icing! As the years passed, I moved on from Snow Hill and graduated from East Carolina University with a BS in Communication. After moving here to Atlantic Beach and taking a full time job as an office manager, I picked up baking after work. It started out simply enough, friends asking me to make birthday cakes, cupcakes for their offices, and cookies for parties. Over time, word of mouth has led me to pick up larger projects such as weddings, festivals, bridal showers, and engagement parties. After a lot of support from family and friends, I have started The Beach Bakery. No idea is too outrageous for me! I love to customize cakes, cupcakes and cookies to my customer’s wildest dream. Nothing makes me happier than the look on people’s faces when they see one of my creations for the first time!



Morehead City, North Carolina

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